Monday, 17 December 2012

christmas card 2012.

i downloaded a design from becky higgins again.

this isn't exactly what we're sending because the source i was ordering from wouldn't resize properly...but it's pretty close.

this is what we'll send by email, as a pre-card, we were hoping to get these in the mail much earlier but there was a mistake with the printing and they only arrived over the weekend! i guess we know what my lunch hour will be spent doing this week :)

merry christmas everyone!

i'm linking up with faith's christmas card carousel.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


i've been quiet recently. but much to the chagrin of those who know me - that's never going to last long.

i missed reviewing october/november so here's a combo post.

::october/november recap::

  • we've started a new bible study in our homegroup and we're moving through it, will finish for christmas, it's been revelatory to grasp the concept of grace more fully 
  • working my way personally through the beth moore proverbs study: wising up - and let me tell you, i am! 
  • started a breakfast bible study with some ladies from church, so good to be drinking the word (and coffee) with sisters in christ! 
  • memorised: ephesians 2:8, philippians 4:6, habbakuk 3:17&18, psalm 127:2
  • read: case histories by kate atkinson, readable but not my very favourite 
  • read: start your family by candice and steve watters, a good biblical overview of the role of family in a believer's life, now the question is when to start? 
  • winter of the world by ken follett, the second in a trilogy spanning the entire 20th century, readable, gripping, multiple storylines and LONG, but in a good way, worth the read, but absolutely necessary to read the first book! 
  • the secret keeper by kate morten, this book has been much touted this autumn, and it's good and a compelling read, but it feels very similar to other kate morten books, in the way that all john grishams feel the same? it's a formula, it works, but it loses its magic once you've got this insight...sorry. 
  • dear life by alice monroe, this book of short stories stole my heart, i ached for each snippet of life that was detailed. it probably helped that the stories mainly take place in places so familiar i could exactly picture the scenery the bleak and beautiful scenery of southwestern ontario farmland in winter, the beauty of lake huron in high summer. in honesty it made me a little home (and heart) sick, and isn't that what the best of books do to us? if you are familiar with the places of southwestern ontario, particularly those communities near the shores of lake huron, read this. 

  • i didn't start a 10 km training plan, but i have lost 40cm since july, so i'm feeling pretty great 
  • i can leg press 100 kg, yup, you read that right. these quads are on fire!
  • well i quit photography class. that's ok. 
  • i did photograph a friend's wedding and if i say so myself, the photos are at least passable for decent, mainly.
  • i've knitted three jumpers and two hats. 
  • knitted the cosiest throw blanket in the world

::december intentions::

  • finish off beth moore proverbs lecture series
  • finish off bible in a year two years
  • advent bible study, slow down, wait expectantly for the saviour of the world. 
  • two more scriptures make 24 for the year! 
  • reading against a deadline: great expectations and life of pi (i know) both before i see the films, big hopes people. 
  • 'tis the season for cakes, and dinners and lunches, and deliciousness, so let's do this alongside the gym eh? 
  • legpress 110 kg by 2013!
  • christmas cards
  • christmas knitting 
  • christmas decorating
  • christmas baking 
  • christmas day menu - so many decisions!