31 days of newlywedded bliss.

i'm joining in with the 31 days challenge! for the ENTIRE month of october, i'll be exploring the topic of being a newlywed. everything from budgeting to cooking, from hospitality to faith. we're barely two months into the adventure of marriage, so i guess we're right in the thick of it. i'm looking forward to the discipline of regular posting and to remembering this month.

join me from october 1 for a peek into the life of  a newlywed. and for the excitement that ensues when a canadian marries a kiwi - there's rarely a dull moment.

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the posts in order

one::home organisation (sheets & towels)

two::faith (church shopping)

three::relationship (early morning date)

four::relationship (october intentions)

five::faith (hope) 

six::friends (friends as a couple)

seven::homekeeping (corner nook)

eight::homemaking (thanksgiving)

nine::faith (thanksgiving)

ten::friends (dinner parties) 

eleven::food (brownies) 

twelve::faith (hoping?) 

thirteen::relationship (daily grace) 

fourteen::homemaking (decorating) 

fifteen::food (bacon vegetable soup) 

sixteen::homemaking (envelope pillow case tutorial) 

seventeen::relationship (give and take) & food (chicken stock)

eighteen::homekeeping (meal planning) 

nineteen::faith (scripture) 

twenty::homemaking (drop cloth curtains)

twenty-one::food (fishcakes)

twenty-two::relationship (together)

twenty-three::faith (sabbath rest)

twenty-four::food (chicken soup)

twenty-five::homemaking (creating a peaceful home)

twenty-six::faith (eternal significance)

twenty-seven::friends (hospitality on a budget)

twenty-eight::food (sausage meatball pasta)

twenty-nine::homemaking (diy)

thirty::food (slow-cooker applesauce)

thirty-one::the end