Wednesday, 21 September 2011

joyful hope.

at the moment we are a one income family. le boy is between contracts. we're hoping for the next contract. we're hoping for a change. and yet, we are being changed. changed by the hoping.

isn't hoping really expectant waiting? isn't hoping really faithful patience? isn't hoping really trusting god?

and in this waiting and patience and trust we're being re-formed. we're depending on his daily mercies, his grace, his provision. our routines are changing. where previously we might have gone out for dinner, we're staying in and making it special. where previously we might have taken in a movie, we're enjoying reading and chatting. where previously we'd have gotten cable, we're utilising on-demand from the bbc. and these changes, they are small, but they are because of the hoping. they are because we are trying to be good stewards of what's been entrusted to us. and honestly, if you asked us? they're pretty great. it's changing the way we are living. it's changing our perspective of need and want. it's encouraging us to spend time investing in our marriage, in friendships, in life. and ultimately, it's become a very joy-filled time. this hoping, this complete dependence on the lord, it is all joy. because we are choosing to hope, we are also choosing joy.

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i've started the study of 1 John - if you haven't joined, there's still time to catch up! and it's ingenious, the book is studied, verse by verse, over the course of the autumn. and apparently god was looking for me to dig deep into 1 John, seeing as our fellowship group is also studying 1 John! the printable above, is one of my favourite verses and i do believe is a verse that perfectly sums up this season in our lives.


  1. Dropped by from Ann's. . .learning the same lessons. . . this season called hope!

  2. Loving our Bible Study. Remembering to hold on to joy!

  3. I "hope" your situation has changed already but it will be OK if not...your heart has and it's refreshing to read about.