Friday, 14 October 2011


on a wing and a prayer

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so i was writing an email to my sister, a.b.barton, detailing my plans for saturday. le boy is helping a friend move and i have the day to myself (blissful!)

here are a list of things that i'm hoping to maybe accomplish?

envelope pillow cases for our living room - the current pillows don't seem to work well with the emerging colour scheme...

but if i'm honest, i'll be a little bit more lazy, i probably won't cut out the three separate pieces - perhaps my own 'lazy' tutorial is on the way?

stenciling the feature wall...

but using a slightly different pattern.

printing off and hanging up photos on our walls from the wedding...

creating a slip cover for the plastic bin cum coffee table, which actually works really well, just looks a little ugly...

creating new drapes out of dropcloths...

so it's an ambitious list - i'm also adding in grocery shopping, meal planning and a cupboard inventory - it's pantry meals this week!

along with a long-needed, long-distance skype date to colorado. it'll be a full day. i won't accomplish everything. but some of it will get done. and other bits will wait for later. i'm cool with that.

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  1. Sewing and stenciling and cooking - sounds like a fantastic weekend! I'm super intrigued by drop cloth curtains - can't wait to see those!