Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Canadian adventure :: Lake Louise

Lake Louise is about an hour north of Banff and truly it is a nature's playground - if you can get away from the tourists! On our way up we experienced exactly what I had in mind for this trip - roadside picnics!

We arrived in Banff and took a stroll down the Lake Louise path - it was a zoo! And really, if I were to do this trip again, I'd increase our time in Jasper or Banff at the expense of Lake Louise - the crowds are immense and seemingly inescapable.

Day 2 we decided to hike up to the Lake Agnes Tea House - us and half the world!

At the top of the hike we were rewarded with a great view and some pretty decent poppyseed lemon loaf!

Day Three we hung around camp for a while, enjoying pancakes and eggs (who says you can't eat well while camping? A whole post on camping eats coming up!).

Eventually we decided to go out to Moraine Lake - arguably a more enjoyable experience and therefore many believe, a prettier one. We headed up the path to Consolation Lakes. This trail has a mandatory group of four rule - bears are a reality here in the Rockies and hiking in groups of four or more is a proven deterrent. We waited at the trailhead and ended up joining a family from Windsor ON, which is about as close to finding people from your backyard as I could hope for. This trail was much less busy - we maybe saw 20 other hikers during the three hours it took there and back. But the peacefulness and the final destination were definitely worth it!

Might I just say that le boy has done an incredible job acting as chief baby packer? Wee-man and I appreciate it so much!

Today we headed up to Jasper - via the Icefields Parkway - amazing but again massively commercialised.

It's super hot this week so I think we might forego hiking in favour of a lake and the beach!

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