Friday, 9 September 2011


i'm sticking to some of my intentions this month. namely i'm meal planning. i might have become slightly obsessive. i just can't help it. it is such a weight off my mind to know that dinner has been planned, we have the requisite food in the house, the recipe is already in the kitchen and dinner can be thrown together quickly! i love cooking, i'm not a huge fan of thinking about what to cook while i'm under pressure...

so i used pinterest to find a variety of meal planners/grocery lists. this might as well be a pretty process right? but most planners were for moms planning breakfast, lunch and dinner, and included snacks. now, i'm all for snacks, but really breakfasts at our house are easy: cereal, toast, maybe eggs... lunches for me are 99% of the time leftovers, and snacks: fruit and dinners are all that stress me out right now. also i prefer to think about the number of meals we'll have this week, not the exact days they'll be consumed. so if i come home and we would much prefer fish over beef, we change it up.

so i made my own. it's also my first printable! yippee! i'll make some matching freezer/cupboard inventories in the future...i'm still getting the hang of this thing :)

it's a meal planner on one side, grocery list on the other. i've been having HUGE success with  for recipe ideas and the beginnings of meal plans. seriously, we've only had one so-so meal in two weeks - that's a pretty good run! and they are fast and healthy :)

to download, click and print :)

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  1. This is genius! I am in love with this darling printable - thank you for sharing it. Well done!