Wednesday, 20 October 2010


it's official. the weather has changed in these parts. we're hovering around 10 degrees today, and it's supposed to stay this way for a while. but the sky is BLUE. and the air is crisp. i walked to work this morning, and you know that i love the walk to work - even if i fail to actually do it most mornings.

other things have changed or are changing also. running club has moved. a small but definite demonstration of something different. dear friends are preparing to leave the city, and as sad as this is, it really just means that we're going to have extended our community to a more moderate clime. babies have recently made an appearance - welcome to little phoenix and congratulations to mommy and daddy arruda! and my life seems completely unanticipated, work having improved and a certain mr. making me very happy.

maybe i'm a little late to the 'new start' most feel at the beginning of the school-year, but my 'back to school' period at work lasts about 6 weeks, and i'm only now coming up for air. so running is on the docket for the weekend, along with some very needed girl-time before our lovely flies the coop. and for good measure we'll add a little church in there.

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