Thursday, 16 December 2010

christmas begins.

we've had quite the week here. the family was in london-town for a.b.barton's graduation from lse. and for christmas festivities. it was a great confluence of events - with le boy and i flying the coop tonight for down-under, there will be no winter-white christmas in the great white north. so we've been hugely fortunate to enjoy the company of the family, hanging out in the city and tooling around together. not exciting would be the elusive search for a pair of jeans that fit well - they still elude me. i'm taking any and all suggestions for a good pair of jeans - i will not give up until they are found!

 i also - very excitingly - finished the sweater (or jumper, if you please) on time!  a.b.barton is extremely happy with it - and i'm pretty chuffed as well. (that's british for pleased.)

monday night was a dinner to end all dinners - lots of wine and extremely good food and really rather fantastic company.

i heart my family. and the extras too - so glad that jose found his way over here as well!

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