Wednesday, 11 January 2012

a collection of thoughts.

life is ticking by here. it is how it should be. here's what i'm thinking.

  • bright lipstick makes your face look better - even when you are looking haggard (which is how i was this morning) 
  • i need to treat this recovery and rehab stage in the same way i'd treat a training programme for a marathon - with dedication and focus and realising that it will take up a lot of my 'free time' 
  • knitting and reading are two of my favourite things in the entire world. 
  • i feel better with lots of water in my system. 
  • work (finally) got a microwave, and despite the concerns of microwaving food that float (no pun intended) around, i love the variety that has been added to my lunch selection
  • shopping the sales makes me wonder why i ever buy anything full price? 
  • wool for the latest baby blanket has arrived (no, not for us)
  • february is shaping up to be a month of parties and entertaining and i cannot wait. 
  • i love the quiet simplicity of january. 
  • i am hitting up a local department store on my way home to buy some amy butler fabric on special, a.b. and marvellous should watch the post! 
  • two adults generate an enormous amount of laundry - what happens when you add children? 
  • nothing perks me up like freshly painted fingernails. 
  • the this american life app rocks my world, and keeps me entertained on long tube commutes, get it. 
  • i've just discovered the joy of using the steam room at the gym post workout, how have i missed this for so long? 
  • god has redeemed so much in such a short space of time - and i am in awe of it all. 
  • looking forward to date night with le boy tonight - we're doing sausage rolls from here (love this recipe!) and starting this series. snuggle time on the couch here we come! 
  • i think i'll pick up some hyacinths tomorrow, my office needs a spruce up, starting with some colourful and sweet smelling flowers. 
  • i need to decide on some houseplants, let's get something growing. 
  • i'm starting to think about what i'd like to do in the garden this summer. 
  • curtains are begging to be stitched - perhaps tonight before dinner? 
  • getting back into a routine is more difficult than i realised. 
  • i need to go to bed earlier. 


  1. Love number one. My mother told me never to leave the house without lipstick, and your face is a gift you give to others(oy veh!), yes, I agree lipstick helps! Particularly, when like me, you are struggling with a cold...and need the lipstick to add a little life to your eyes! (or match your or the other!)