Sunday, 14 November 2010


a few months ago i was making for baby (not mine!) well baby has arrived. and making finished up just shortly after he made his way into the world.

brown paper packages were sent airmail to a little someone an ocean apart. the first of the next generation. it hardly seems possible that we're there now. that we're at the getting-married-having-babies-being-adults stage. i always remember the antics with my cousins, the fun and the laughter and the roads we've walked together. i'm oh so blessed to have grown up with them near and to be still close (at least in spirit) today. 
and while we didn't grow up around our second cousins, i surely hope that this newest generation will. i simply cannot imagine life and family and celebrations without them all around. even if i do tend to miss a good number of those comings-together at the moment. 
 this was insanely easy to knit up. i mean almost boring. but i used the time to teach myself continental knitting. so that's good. and in the end the baby merino super wash, super soft, stripy, gender neutral (the babe was to be a surprise!) worked just perfectly. and it reaffirmed my love for drops wool. much less expensive than other wools, just as nice to work with. the pattern is from purl - super easy baby blanket. and it was.
hoping it keeps a wee-one warm in the now blustery true-north.

links: baby blanket pattern : drops yarn

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