Wednesday, 24 November 2010


it's one of those times in life when there seems to be a never-ending list of things to do. partly, it's the ramp-up to christmas, partly it's because we'll twice travel to the continent in november, and leave mid-next-month for a trip to the antipodes. partly, it's because in the middle of all of this, moving sounded like a splendid idea. and really, it still does. while i might not have tons of stuff, i do have stuff. and more than i really realised. not wanting to get rid of it all, storage for a time, has become a necessity. and here is where good friends, become great friends, and this friend, becomes a grateful friend!

le boy and i packed the car with my extra stuff and trotted it up to leicester (pronounced les-ter). and exhibiting enormous patience, le boy sat in no less than three traffic jams to complete this task! he's a good egg.

pause for a moment: the most hilarious thing? that as you are exiting london on the M1 the motorway sign reads, "the north" as if it is only one place. not a series of cities and communities, all of which have their own characteristics and charm.

after the boys unloaded my cartons into the garage (i told you they were good eggs!) we spent an enjoyable evening eating a curry and watching a movie. morning brought an egg-cellent cooked breakfast (way to go dj!) and a brisk walk in the country.

country air is so much more invigorating than city air.

there are so many interesting things to find if you take a moment just to look.


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