Friday, 21 January 2011


so i thought i should make an effort to document the final parts of the trip. being engaged is bring all sorts of distractions, and planning a wedding in six months definitely means that we are in full swing!

but back to the travelogue...

warning - it's quite possible that only marvellous will want to read this, and perhaps my grandparents, the rest of you, this is long - but i want to remember the entire exceptionally fun experience we had while travelling!

we parted ways with le boy's parents in queenstown, picked up ever kiwi man's dream car - something about a powerful engine, built for driving....and took to the open (winding) road. our first stop was in te anau. i will pause to say that i encountered some very confused canadian geese - that migration pattern is impressive - and felt nostalgic for the 'v' pattern geese make while flying.

we spent the day hiking, the ground is covered in thick undergrowth - tons of ferns and intense green. but i suppose that's what happens in a rainforest.

after working up such an appetite we finished the day with an excellent meal from an incredibly friendly proprietor at the redcliffe cafe.

we woke up and found our way into fiordland national park. we were spending two nights in one of the most remote places in the world - milford sound. named after a town in wales, it is responsible for the famous 'come to new zealand' photos you see in advertisements. the mountains really do soar up out of the sea - and it is simply one of the most stunning places i've ever visited.

the first evening was on a boat. there are very few ways to stay overnight in milford, we found a way to do it twice, and it was absolutely one of my most favourite parts of the trip.we boarded in the late afternoon and shortly after we set off we were joined by a pod of dolphins!

we were lucky with weather and saw the sound in both its states of glory: heavy rain and beautiful sunshine! evening activities on the boat included seeing the spontaneous waterfalls created by the deluge of rain, sea kayaking in a quiet bay and then braving the FRIGID water for a before-dinner dip.

after a very necessary hot shower we ate dinner and enjoyed a very informative nature talk. seriously, if you ever go to nz, find a way to milford sound and get yourself on an overnight cruise. it was absolutely brilliant!

we woke to sunshine and sailed out into the tasman sea - what a day!

my happy fiancé!

looking a little fresh.

this post has gotten out of control so i'll finish up the nz experience later!

links: redcliffe cafe : milford sound cruise

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  1. I am glad you posted, as I really wanted to see your photos! Love them. Hopefully skype this weekend:)