Thursday, 13 January 2011


after a jam-packed christmas/boxing day bonanza it was back on the road, this time with le boy's parents. we travelled across the mountains to the west coast. the west coast is known to be wet and the weather did not disappoint! the intent of the trip was to visit fox glacier, which is unique for continuing right down to sea-level. however after hours on windy mountain roads, we arrived to find the access road to the glacier closed. this was understandable since more than 300 mm of rain (over 1 ft!) had fallen in 24 and the mountains were covered in spontaneous waterfalls, the rivers swollen and rushing fast.

you lookin' at me?
the rain began to abate as we neared queenstown. and we were able to go to the 'home of bungy jumping.' now, i've always thought that hurling oneself off a bridge toward rushing water while being tied up by the ankles seemed a little strange. turns out that the kiwi spirit for adventure and the slightly insane look of most people based in this adventure capital would clarify the impulse to seek after such a thrill. i preferred to watch:

after an absolutely stunning dinner in queenstown at gantleys, (and by stunning i mean, if you find yourself in queenstown it is your responsibility to seek out this restaurant and have one of the best meals you'll ever have...) le boy and i set off the next morning sans parents for a bit of adventuring of our own.

links : gantleys

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