Wednesday, 25 May 2011

known II

i wrote on a similar topic last week, by coincidence, or maybe because this topic is just really on my heart right now...

i had a friend over for supper last night. she arrived at my house in her running kit, with a backpack strapped to her back, hair in her classic high ponytail. she was hot & thirsty. she's marathon training (again!) and that means she needs to find ways to build her run into her life, running to my house from work was a natural solution.

it was a great night, good food - chicken parmesan from simply recipes, make it, tonight - great company, a time of laughing and fellowship and encouraging one another, of discussing the events of the week and hashing out what to do next in a whole lot of areas. i was so grateful for the time with her. i was so happy to open my home for her, fill my table with food and linger over a meal as a cool breeze floated through the windows. it was a blessing.

as i walked her to the train station she said - thanks for dinner, there's very few people who's house i could turn up at, sweaty and tired and expect a're one of them.

and that comment got me to thinking. isn't that just how god asks us to come to him? tired and dirty and in need of the bread of life?

you can show up at your best friend's house looking less than fantastic and still be welcomed because you know that you are known. you know that she's seen you at your worst (and this isn't it) and she's run hundreds of miles alongside you and understands that all one wants at that stage is a glass of water, and a plate of food, and a welcoming smile that says 'good for you, you did it again'. and so, there's not a worry that you're showing up in a less than stellar state. she definitely doesn't care anyway...

God saw the people of Israel—and God knew. Exodus 2:24

and this morning i realised, that god's just asking us to show up to his dinner table, despite us being weary and worn. because he's waiting to open the door to us, to hand us a glass of water, and a plate of food. he's hoping for a lifetime of good conversations and laughter and encouragement and love. god see us - god knows.


  1. He just wants us to show up, exactly as we are, a sweat mess. This is beautiful. Thanks.

  2. I loved this post, especially the last line. . ."God sees us. God knows."
    Nice to *meet* you. Have a beautiful weekend. I came over from Ann's.