Tuesday, 24 May 2011


going home was such a blessing. and one of the most overwhelming and wonderful days was the bridal shower that was thrown for me. hosted by my wonder maid of honour: a.b.barton and mother of the bride: marvellous! the details were fantastic the food was incredible and the presents were an enormous blessing. but as with all parties, the people were who made the day.

it was simply amazing to be surrounded by women who had poured their lives into mine over the years. i looked around the room and realised that it definitely took a village to raise this child and i was so grateful that so many had chosen to love on me over the years. women who have loved me like a daughter, women who listened as i working out who i was, women who encouraged me as i walked with the lord. there were women who had been there from the very beginning, and women who known me as a child. girlfriends who shared all that highschool and early twenties have to offer and friends of my mom who have been around since before i could remember. to say i was blessed by their love and presence is an understatement.

and it got me to thinking - when you gather up those people who are really important in your life, particularly your formative years, how intentionally or not, we need for others to help usher children into adulthood. and so in many ways, i was most grateful for parents who not only allowed other adults to speak into our lives and love on us, but also encouraged and supported these people's investment in our growing up.

it was wonderful. heartfelt thanks to all who attended and to my sister and mom and cousin who outdid themselves with hosting and helping!


  1. What a lovely shower! There is almost nothing better than being surrounded by a room full of women who you know and love.

  2. @julie - absolutely, it's such an affirming and humbling experience!

  3. Wow Brie... Looks like a wonderful time... esp love the picture of Margaret. I can't wait to see you in August. I hope that you will be able to take advantage of a relax vacation in Florida at my house someday.

    Love Andrea OOXX ( the other )