Tuesday, 21 February 2012


it's been a while since i've blogged, but not for lack of things to tell. i normally dread february. it's cold, and in london, particularly grey. this february has been no exception, except well, it's been much colder than usual. but i suppose that possibly the sun's shone a little more than normal? it's also been a month of baby showers (the newest little arrived safe and healthy yesterday - praise god!), of husband's turning forty - more on that later, and of trips to the mountains. i'll do a proper travel post in a bit, but for now. a few snaps from our weekend in, where else? chamonix, france! maybe this year, february wasn't so bad after all...

coffee, water, and a truffle - my kind of coffee place!

mountain chic.

crepes - i may have had these a few times...

chocolat chaud aka melted bar of chocolate in a cup.

the brilliant sunshine.

so what have i been thinking of recently? how to do lent this year. and how much i love my husband bringing me coffee in the morning. the hope for a more extended experience in the mountains at some point. my love of knitting. podcasts - oh my i'm downloading lots and lots. beth moore for free? yes please! the joys of instagr.am. and how i'm hoping for a kindle for my birthday - le boy recieved one for his, and umm, it's fantastic. and my renewed desire to relearn french (i have this every time we travel to france...) oh  and we're doing a little home improvement around our place. and march is to be characterized by my family coming to visit (in stages).

and tonight's pancakes for dinner - i love shrove tuesday. i will be making these. i even bought bacon on my lunch. it's time for a little pre-lent sugar and fat rush.


  1. Ooo, looks like Spanish hot chocolate! Why don't we have that more in Canada? So filling and warm...

    Hope you had a great pancake dinner - we sure did!

  2. What beautiful photos and what a fun month it sounds like you had! Hope March is just as wonderful!

  3. Oh, your weekend away looked amazing! I'm so looking forward to your travel post!