Thursday, 10 May 2012

happy birthday my love.

a confusing title, i'd agree. i know you're thinking, but we saw pictures of le boy's birthday back in february, he turned forty, there was lamb. that's true. but today is arguably his more important birthday. it's the birthday i consider to be the one that gave me him. it's the birthday around which his entire world is centered. today is his spiritual birthday - i like to call it his 'jesus birthday'

twenty years ago today, my husband made a choice that changed his life forever. he chose to believe in christ. he answered the call of god on his life and decided to follow the one who is the way, the truth, and the life


i say that this is the birthday that gave him to me, because well, without our shared faith, we wouldn't be a couple. both of us felt strongly about dating and marrying another christian. i can't say for sure when i committed my life to jesus, but i did, somewhere between birth and now. for me it was a million little decisions, in my memory, i've never not believed. for le boy, a single moment after a childhood of exposure, an adult decision. so i believe that today is the celebration not only of my husband's redemption and rescue, but i also believe that today began the chain of events that led us here. and i'm so thankful. i'm blessed by a marriage that is rooted in christ, by a husband who devotes himself first to our god. and gives god all the glory.

tonight, we will celebrate, a jesus birthday this big doesn't happen every year. 

babe, i pray that you will be faithful like david, wise like solomon and sacrificial like christ. may you never turn from your saviour, may you walk in righteousness all your days, may you run and finish this race well. amen. 

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