Friday, 11 May 2012


i've spent most of my life interrupting conversations to let people know that using the 'r-word' isn't ok. i'd usually say 'don't say that in front of me please' or 'please don't use that word' and most often i'd get a 'what's it to you' in response. what's it to me?

i have a cousin with down syndrome.

i spent my university years working with special needs children.

i work with people who brilliant and have austism spectrum disorder - you probably do too.

i have friends with ADD.

what's it to me is that i'm not cool with friends and family and colleagues being made fun of. and really, you shouldn't be either.

this video, spells it out brilliantly. i love it. and i hope you'll share this. if you use the r-word, i hope you'll think about it twice next time before opening your mouth.

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