Friday, 15 June 2012


there will just have to be two posts for this. not because the pictures are unending, even if they are. but because i've been too lazy to transfer the pictures to my laptop...that's right people. but the nights have been filled with knitting and cookie baking and the weekends have been filled with sewing and friends. these are good things. and required more attention than a post about scotland.

but here's a quick recap.

we flew. we drove. we slept. we ate (super amazing food here.) we 'walked' which in british parlance means we hiked our butts off up a fairly significant 'mountain'. we saw (loch ness). we bought wool. (i bought wool, we were in scotland, after all). we visited friends. i'll give it more words another time. for now, enjoy the instagram tour.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, lovely pictures! I love Scotland. And walking. And walking in Scotland.

    Looking forward to reading about what the Scottish wool turns into!