Friday, 8 June 2012

weekend plans.

this weekend i will:
  • host dinner tonight for a few good friends, i prepped much of it this morning. i'm doing a lentil & tomato salad from ottolenghi's plenty, this broccoli & bacon salad by jamie oliver, and bbq'd sausages and chicken with our new favourite (and spontaneously created by me last week) sauce: tomato ketchup,  worcestershire sauce and red wine vinegar.
  • meet some old girlfriends for picnic (hopefully) lunch - haven't seen these girls in years! 
  • buy a new sewing machine, mine has bit the dust and it's time to replace it!  
  • go to the movies with my guy 
  • sew a slip cover for a bookcase-cum-sidetable 
  • enjoy a free day while le boy is in an incredibly long cycle race, luckily he doesn't ask me to attend as well 
  • go to evening church and enjoy the late evening light on the walk home 
  • listen to podcasts 
  • chat with the fam 
  • read more of my current (and excellent) book: canada by richard ford 
  • block my recently completed cardigan! 

happy weekend. 

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