Monday, 17 September 2012


i'm not entirely sure what happened. i blinked and it wasn't just september it was the middle of september. it's halfway over!

it's been full-on, non-stop busy. working in education means that september is the busiest time going. it's great but exhausting. add to that my parents making a trip over to see us and it's been a busy couple of weeks!

but it's also been oh-so-wonderful!

i've done some canning.

we've been to the paralympics (with marvellous & the barton boy)

there's been bits of knitting and this weekend, finally, a little sewing. but i should probably briefly reflect on august. (even if it was weeks ago!)

::august recap::

  • finished the nehemiah study - have decided that workbook studies definitely speak to my 'student' personality
  • started up the end bits of the bible in a year two years 
  • memory work flagged (again) but did get 2 tim 3:16&17 suitably lodged in my brain and my heart
  • ww continued to be a great way of losing weight, lost a total of 9 lbs by the end of august and 12 inches overall! 
  • finished knitting the poncho - needs to be blocked 
  • got some bits finished in different rooms of the house, which feels very very good! 
  • canned (a bit) of strawberry-peach jam
::september intentions::
  • keep on with the scripture memorisation
  • keep on with the daily bible study - it's so nearly finished! 
  • tune into the beth moore simulcast
  • make my goal weight and evaluate where i'm at physically 
  • hit the gym at minimum three days a week 
  • new knitting project needed 
  • finish the drapes
  • simple sewing projects in the form of jersey infinity scarves! 
  • green tomato chutney (the tomatoes aren't going to ripen this year, are they?)

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