Tuesday, 2 October 2012


there's a chill in the air. it's definitely autumn around these parts. school has started back, leaves are covering the ground and it's thanksgiving this weekend.

if i'm honest i've felt a bit wordless. truly, my story's feeling a little bit stale. that is until i realise that my story is about so much more than the one thing that distracts me from the rest of the goodness. i'll be honest and say that i'm wrestling with my professional life at the moment, no longer feeling fulfilled in ways i used to be. i'm not sure what to do with the restlessness, but i also know that when god stirs you up, he's usually getting you ready for change.

::september recap::


  • tuned into the beth moore simulcast 
  • memorised psalm 68:11 & james 2:26 
  • read: crazy love (finally) it's crazy good, but crazy convicting also.
  • read: orange is the new black, entertaining, poignant  a memoir and an insight into the life of a prison inmate and how choices can have long lasting consequences. 
  • read: the orchardist, gripping. a novel that centres on how violence can be redeemed by love 
  • read: call the midwife, bbc made a television series from this collection of stories of a midwife in post-WWII eastend london, watch the mini-series sure, it was fascinating, but read the book
  • took a bit of a break, it was necessary and well received, by my body that is! 
  • finished the drapes! now hung and looking pretty. 
  • finished a knitted poncho, just my new favourite item in my wardrobe (photos coming)
  • made jersey scarves, liking the diy aspect 
the drapes. finally. 

::october intentions:: 

  • starting a new bible study with our homegroup on grace - so looking forward to what god is going to show us
  • keep reading (what else would i do?)
  • start training for a 10km, i'm desperate to start running in earnest again, but i need a goal! 
  • finish off the weight loss, i'm really happy with the progress, and i'd like to be finished by the end of the month! 
  • starting a photography course this month, so looking forward to learning more about this art form and not just pointing my camera at things that look pretty! 
  • working on a new knitted jumper
  • contemplating making this for our living room - big and cozy


  1. Your drapes are fantastic! Beautiful work, and a beautiful fabric.

    Love your list of books, too! Crazy Love and The Orchardist are now on my list :)

  2. Uh... those drapes are fantastic. Be proud of yourself. Love you!