Sunday, 29 June 2014

quiet, no more.

in the last year this happened:

we were blessed with a beautiful, healthy, absolutely incredible, baby boy. 

Simeon James Barton Doyle
6 lbs 8 oz - Nov 18, 2013

simeon means he who hears - it is our prayer that this is a truth that categorises his life.

he's travelled more than most adults - by six months he'd been on ten airplanes and five countries.

he is unabashedly the star of our show.

delightfully cute - and he knows it!

breast-fed and baby-led.

an absolutely tremendous little guy.

 not so little anymore. 

now that's done. i'm reinvigorating the blog for a few of reasons, i'm terrible at scrapbooking (i've tried and failed). and we're about to embark on an epic adventure, five weeks of travelling across canada - a trip that demands to be recorded. and finally, and perhaps most importantly, i miss this space. so i'll start writing again, and hopefully, people will read again. and if not, the grandparents will be happy!

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