Tuesday, 1 July 2014

oh canada.

happy canada day!

this year we're particularly thrilled to celebrate my 'home and native land' as we're about to embark on a cross-canada adventure.

before we were married we listed ten core values for our family. the first is our relationship with god. the second, our relationship with each other. the third, our family. somewhere further down the list but not at the bottom, is adventure. also appearing is travel. and learning.

the mountains are beckoning. we're camping - with a seven month old. then a train journey across canada to toronto. aptly named 'the canadian.' the midpoint - the highlight - a wedding between the two most fabulous andi(y)s in the world. and then east-coasting.

we're excited for what's in store. we feel on the edge of new things. we feel expectant. i love this feeling.

currently stocking up on: books, knitting ideas, baby travel gear.

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