Thursday, 20 May 2010

Free stuff = Happiness.

Who doesn't love the free? I love all kinds of free. Political freedom, religious freedom, the freedom to be you and me...

But if I'm honest, I love free stuff. Particularly when it's useful.

Today has been about the free. It started with breakfast on the balcony. I realise that the free factor might be lacking, but it was a gorgeous day and it got me excited! Plus, there is a 'free.' There's the demolition that's happening on the Estate across the street. Free entertainment. Now, I realise that I am a 26 year-old girl, living in a pretty exciting city, but I tell you, I'm almost as excited by the demolition project across the street as a 5 year-old boy. It's fascinating. It's also brought much hilarity to our lives, particularly the debate about people living in the flats as they were being demolished...(they weren't).

The free continued when I donned a new - free - shirt! My favourite of favourites gave me a shirt she insisted 'didn't look good on her.' That's doubtful, but I'm not arguing with the free.

Out the door and on the street, I remember that Giraffe, a restaurant chain in the UK, gives away, wait for it....FREE coffee. Now. We. Are. Talking. I mean, two of the best things in the world: coffee+free=awesome walk to work!

And the free continued when I took my old bottles into Kiehl's. Where they exchange old bottles for sample size bottles of product! I know. Genius! So, my skin should be pampered this week with Creme de Corps...

Happiness, it appears, can occasionally come in form of stuff - particularly when it's free!

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