Tuesday, 30 August 2011

long. weekend.

our last 'bank holiday' in the uk until christmas. goodness that seems so far away. and yet it's near. in a blink the next four months will fly. i did my work calendar for the next four months today - the academic calendar i usually use is on backorder for the next four weeks! i needed something in the interim. so i searched calendar printables on pinterest - and voila!

printed, laminated, just as good, but a whole lot prettier than the academic calendars...it may become a new & MUCH cuter solution!

long. weekend. recap.

friday. homemade hummus - loosely based off this recipe on simply recipes - what have i been thinking, buying hummus? dinner with le boy.

saturday. painted bedroom. recieved delivery of ikea bedroom furniture. flat-packed our way to end of time.

sunday. return trip to ikea to retrieve bed slats and other 'essentials.' a bread knife is an essential people. got a sneak peek of our wedding photos. we. love. them.

finished building the bed. slept like a log on said bed.

monday. ahh i love bank holidays! organize the crap stuff day. meal plan and grocery shop day. enjoy the company of friends in the afternoon for tea day. cook your husband a terrific meal day.

wedding photography: riverstone photography - goodness i love them!


  1. Oh my gosh, you are absolutely stunning!!!

    Yay for furniture and cooking and cute new calendars!

  2. LOVE the pics! Congratulations! So wonderful to hear from you and see little tidbits of your new life together! We're sending MUCH from this side of the big blue. Bless you, Jamie & Brie!