Friday, 26 August 2011


our house is beyond a mess. it's pretty much a disaster. at the moment we're sleeping on the futon, that also acts as our couch. we've got two bedrooms with PILES of stuff, but no organization and we've got a bathroom with about as much storage as my seventh grade locker. but i love the house. i love sharing it with le boy. and i love slowly, surely, finding out how the whole thing will work.

we've no drawers in the kitchen. a pain to be sure. and very little counter space. but the teensy-tiny kitchen is also incredibly workable - mainly because there are no wasted steps. we're looking for fixes everywhere we can. my first (temporary?) fix.

unbeknownst to me, we inherited this green jug from friends of ours who have recently returned state-side. currently holding our cutlery, i love it's shape and colour and the way the light catches it, and the way it looks on the table. once we've sorted out the cutlery thing, i may need to keep it on the table, filled with other wonders?

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