Thursday, 25 August 2011


it's been unbelievable, incredible, everything-we-ever-hoped for, completely awesome, so amazed-by-his-grace, good!

we do not yet have photos. if you attended the wedding, and have photos you'd like to share, i'll cook up a way of uploading high-res photos.

but we also honeymooned. this is the hipsta-version. hilton head island. south carolina.

beaches. bikes. devotions. savannah. walks. eating.

we get internet at home soon - better posts will follow. for now we're trying to sort out our masses of stuff. we're trying to cook and share a bed and budget and follow jesus and laugh.

it's so good. so so good.

 the first dinner i 'cooked' for my husband:


hello god, it's us, brie & jamie.

we'll see you around soon. i promise.


  1. Oh, I've been thinking about you and your wedding celebration this summer! Can't wait to see photos from the day. So happy for you both -- enjoy this lovely newlywed time!

  2. hi Julie! good to hear from you! I'll be catching up on your movements very soon! xx

  3. Sounds like you are enjoying the married life! Congrats! :)