Saturday, 24 December 2011

in the deep mid-winter.

it's christmas eve. our first. and yet it is ancient. we celebrate a coming king. a baby born to save the world. emmanuel, god with us. tonight is candlelight hymns and communion at midnight. tomorrow we rejoice for all that god has promised us in this baby.

a traditional canadian christmas eve dinner, tourtiere, so good.  here's the recipe.

a simple salad to accompany. rocket (arugala), with pomegranate seeds, and a pomegranate, clementine and olive oil dressing.

what can i give him, poor as i am? if i were a shepherd, i would bring a lamb. if i were a wise man, i would do my part. yet what i can i give him, give my heart.

in the bleak midwinter. high street hymns.

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