Tuesday, 20 December 2011


what to do in a kitchen with no space? we have about 5 cupboards in our teensy kitchen. and both food and dishes for cooking and eating, to store. so how to fix this?

we've put up a couple corner shelves, painted white to match the walls, and we're using glass jars.

to keep from mixing up the sugar and salt, icing sugar and flour and the different types of flour i use, i printed cute labels found on pinterest onto sticker paper (seriously, the most useful stationery item i own!). this was an inexpensive project, gets us away from using plastic to store food in and prettied up the kitchen! all with the added bonus of random food no longer falling on our heads when we open the cupboard doors!

i love the look, the old-time feel and the ease of it all. the kitchen is 100% more functional! which makes me one happy lady! 

glass jars from ikea, variety of sizes: £0.90 - £2.69

sticker paper: free

corner shelves (4 total) : £4/shelf

Total cost for new pantry: £30


  1. Your sticker paper is so cute! And I love cooking supplies out in plain view. It's such a charming, homey look.

  2. What lovely labels! I think I will have to ask Santa for a colour printer - you always show such nice printables!

  3. I think when you make your potential future bike trip you will need an extra day to help me re-do my kitchen. It needs it, you know my style intimately (I like colour, I have kids, I don't have time to mess around), and it will give us an excuse to see more of the two of you!