Wednesday, 7 December 2011

simply slow.

over here things have to be prepared for. stamps to be bought. gifts made and wrapped. parcels sent. it can be tiresome. but i remember who i'm giving to. who i'm giving because of.

this year has been very short on the buying. perhaps my least expensive christmas ever. perhaps our least stressful christmas. we're preparing. slowly. intentionally for christmas. making plans. daily devotions focussed on why.

i've been slowed this season. it was just what the ultimate physician ordered. time to sit and read and think and pray and knit. time to enjoy this season of our marriage - not what we thought it would look like, but what he has deemed for us. and it is grace-full.

1 comment:

  1. And your words are "grace-full" too, Brie. The pictures evoke the slow, thoughtful Christmas season you are practicing with a mindfulness of Christ's gift! I'm so glad that you are soaking it all up! I want to soak it up too. :)