Friday, 9 March 2012


geneva, a city for international politics and business and travellers seeking a gateway to the mountains. it's not exactly on the top-ten list of coolest spots in europe. it's a city with purpose: banking, the UN, watches, you know swiss things. as i was researching geneva i read this small but incredibly interesting fact: geneva was one of the hotbeds of the reformation. the reformation that broke the protestant church from the catholic church, the reformation that refocused christians on the central tenants of christian faith, as taught by jesus. encompassed by the 'five solas' they translate into 'by grace alone, by faith alone, through christ alone, through scripture alone, to the glory of god alone.' this is the bedrock of protestant thought, particularly in the reformed and presbyterian traditions.


john calvin spent much of his ministry in geneva and consequently there are many significant sites in the old city associated with the reformation. the international museum of the reformation was absolutely excellent. it gave a great overview of the story of the reformation from its beginnings and martin luther, through to how it is currently expressed in present day. a fascinating story and a very well appointed museum, definitely a must-see for anyone visiting geneva. 

we were also able to visit the small church where calvin preached more than 2000 messages! in the early days the geneva council required him to preach three times a week and twice on sundays, this was later reduced to once on sundays, and three times during the week.

and finally we climbed the bell tower of the cathedral. it was a spectacular day, crisp and cold, but with brilliant sunshine! the climb was personally very gratifying for me, as i was exactly one year post injury and three months post surgery and able to do it all without pain! recovery is definitely in progress. 

geneva's famous fountain, from the roof of the cathedral

after a lunch of cheese (what else?) and crepes (oh my!) we started to head for the mountains. it was wonderful to finally see some of the city that i've travelled through many times in recent years, but only ever enjoyed the airport. and it was a real blessing to learn more about the history of our faith and the struggles that so many endured to keep the faith. 

the coffee. it comes with a chocolate and a glass of water - it's pure genius.


  1. I went here as a student, and loved it. I remember a giant clock (but no giant fountain - it was December, so there might have been more wine and cheese than exploring :) Looks like a lovely getaway!

  2. Wow, these photos are awesome! What could be more wonderful than crepes, cathedrals, and coffee?