Sunday, 8 July 2012

thread & needle.

last week a dear friend asked if i'd help her prepare a wedding gift for a friend of her's. she just didn't want to buy off the registry.

i understand this. i loved getting things off our registry, but i generally avoid them. i prefer to pick gifts that celebrate our personal relationship with the couple. unless there's something on the registry that we just LOVE and have to give...

in the past i've done

  • a giant wooden salad bowl with a list of family favourite salad recipes. 
  • wine and cheese boards for with a slot for a single wine glass. 
  • handmade vase from travels. 
  • a one-of-a-kind tray covered with a map of london and focussing on the spot where the bride and i went to grad school. 
but i think i like this the best, and i might just use this idea myself for future weddings...

i traced the design on the fabric and spent an hour or so stitching around the design, i added the date of the wedding to the back flap and made a basic envelope pillow the next morning before work. the design can be found here and is customizable! 


  1. It's lovely!
    I, too, prefer to give handmade gifts. I'll have to remember this idea.

  2. That is so lovely!! I'm sure the bride and groom will love it. You did a great job. I'm pinning this! Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!