Wednesday, 4 July 2012

vacation reading.

we're flying in days! this is a break we need. life has been filled with so many good things, friends and commitments and work and we are grateful for each single blessing. but sometimes, we need to break. i love vacation. hands down, one of my favourite things in. the. world. love that it provides time to reflect on where we've been and where we're going. love that it's a complete change from the day-to-day. i love the long plane rides and the exploring new places. i love being with our friends and family. and just being with each other. i love having someone to vacation with. i also love vacation reading.

i'm a constant reader, but on vacation i read a whole lot more. and this vacation, filled with 12 hour plane journeys and time in the woods and days by the pool - i have big plans for my vacation reading.

and so. here's the list.

gilead. marilynne robinson.

state of wonder. ann patchett

a circle of quiet. madeleine l'engle

ah yes, the promise of a new only to be paired with a tall cold glass of something refreshing or a deep and delightful red wine. preferably sipped by water. summer vacation, i love you.


  1. So excited to hear what you think of STATE OF WONDER. I'm still on the wait list at my library! Happy, happy summer vacation to you!!

  2. I have Circle of Quiet stashed in my bring-a-long basket. I've been reading bits of it, savoring it all.