Thursday, 10 July 2014

Canadian adventure :: Calgary Days 1-4

Firstly, I have to admit, Calgary completely exceeded my expectations. I clearly had some Ontario bias that I had to get past - lesson learned. Calgary was incredible. It is the height of summer so no dealing with frigid temperatures or arctic winds - it's been a glorious 25 or more every day, the sun has been shining and the sky is BLUE - so so blue.

Our first night saw us arrive at the camping store 30 min before close. The money we spent in that time might be record making - let's just say they were very happy to see us (as they were on Monday and Tuesday!).

We put a very tired mommy, daddy and baby to bed rather early, but regardless 4am came early!

Monday we went to the number one breakfast spot in town and it's easy to see why OEB Breakfasts don't fool around. We quickly followed with analog coffee - incredible!!

Our trip happened to coincide with the Calgary Stampede - think fair meets agricultural show meets rodeo - on steroids. It's incredible - very family friendly and so so much fun. We watched a very moving (for me) flag raising with a drum circle of Native Canadians, enjoyed some really good food and went to the rodeo - there was no fooling around!

The day ended on 17th Ave which is the peak of boutique shops and restaurants with dinner at Clive Burger - a very very good burger indeed - but then you'd hope so in the heart of cattle country.

Tuesday we went to Drumheller to see one of the world's finest dinosaur museums - in the heart of the Alberta Badlands - Alberta is home to some of the finest dinosaur bone and fossil deposits in the world. And this museum was incredible, I was only sorry that wee man isn't older - this place is paradise for a little boy.

Dinner back in Calgary at Brewsters was really fantastic as was the surprisingly refreshing Raspberry Beer. We ended the evening grocery shopping for our camping trip.

Wednesday we returned to OEB Breakfast - we needed a second round! Packing up and organising the car has been the name of the game today - lunch at Market has just capped off our Calgary experience - and now we're getting ready to head into the mountains for a week of fun, camping, hiking and nature - with a 7 mo - pray for us!!!

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