Sunday, 27 July 2014

Canadian adventure :: Jasper & The Canadian

I'll start with an apology for the long lag in my posting. We travelled across Canada by train while we didn't hit the most remote parts of the country we certainly didn't have cell or web access for days. Upon our arrival in Toronto we were thrust into wedding whirlwind - and we've literally only just emerged.

Speaking of which a sneak peek at my absolutely radiant sister!

So Jasper. Amazing. Love it. Would return in a heartbeat without a doubt my favourite part of the Rockies. Banff is very commercial, Lake Louise is very touristy, but Jasper feels like a town real people live in. (Probably because they do).

It was incredibly hot in Jasper - too hot to do much hiking, but too hot to hike means hot enough for a mountain lake!

We just enjoyed the sunny weather and the (smokey) views of the mountains (there we're forest fires in the area).

Wee man enjoyed some antics in the tent - aka a really big play pen - and we realised that he can be completely entertained by toggles, zips, buttons, and tags. Oh and burying himself in sleeping bags is hysterical!

We ended our time in Jasper by boarding the Canadian - the train that crosses Canada. I have always wanted to do the trip by rail and when the fares went on special in June we decided this year was as good as any! Wee-man was the star of the show, of course. How could he not be?

The day on the train goes like this: wake, eat (an excellent) breakfast, return to your carriage and nap, read a bit, eat (an amazing) lunch, read/nap/look out the window/chat with your travelling partner/get a coffee, eat (a scrumptious) dinner, retire for bed. Talk about relaxing!

Our cabin had two bunks, a toilet and a sink. All our meals, in a white linen dining car, were included and delicious! Really we enjoyed our time so so much. The experience is relaxing and enjoyable and time just seems to pass - one morning we all napped for two hours! Bliss.

We ended our train journey in Toronto. Where we were met by Grandpa and then entered the 'wedding zone'.

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