Tuesday, 1 February 2011


the british are exceptionally good at walking. particularly when the weather is good - although really one cannot depend on weather here, and so walking happens regardless of sunshine.

friday morning i felt a deep desire to spend time in the woods. to walk and think. to talk and laugh. to spend time in creation. to take a break from all the busy-ness and wedding planning and marriage preparation and just spend time with my guy. fortunately, it's rare that le boy passes up an opportunity to spend time out-of-doors, and so a plan was formulated to escape the city and enjoy the country. fuelled by a breakfast of good coffee, home-made granola and fresh toast, we took to the sunday adventure before us.

le boy catching me unawares while i reconfigure the clothing situation...

it was a perfect day. cool and crisp. evidence of frost and icy puddles. we donned hats and boots and explored the hills of surrey. leith hill and box hill.

the path was frequented by cyclists and walkers alike. families out for a stroll. and dogs excited to frolic in the leaves and mud.

it's all different colours this time of year - browns juxtaposed against evergreens. winter light streaming though branches making shadow patterns on the forest floor. the beginnings of spring are happening underfoot - but are not yet seen.

the blueness of the sky did me in that day. it's the end of january and we all know it will be months before real warmth comes and flowers show themselves in earnest. we know that there will be rain and fog and dampness. that wool coats and scarves are a must for much longer. but sunday was a glimpse at what to expect - a reminder that great things are just around the corner. indeed they are here right now.

God made all kinds of trees grow from the ground, trees beautiful to look at and good to eat. Gen 2:8

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