Monday, 21 February 2011


basically, it was the weekend that wasn't. as you know it ended in pain. but the first few moments were glorious.

blue sky day. jacket open temps. snow capped mountains beckoning us to feel the wind on our cheeks.

day two. tragedy.*

shortly after the above picture was taken, i tumbled my way down the mountain. this was not exactly my plan, but the knee was injured, and the mountain rescue (i'll admit, that was pretty exciting!) completed my journey to the bottom of the slopes. a couple of tips for would be european skiers - buy the extra insurance, two euros means not having to worry about how to get down the hill...totally worth it in moments of pain.

an ambulance took me to the 'hospital' this was really more like a doctor's office, that happened to have an x-ray machine and a doctor who makes his living diagnosing common ski injuries.  and how to recoup from said ski injury? with a french lunch of potatoes and bacon of course.

 it was still a great weekend. we enjoyed being away together. eating some really awesome french food. reading and knitting and watching dvds.  these things happen if you're going to play on mountains.

the lessons to be learned from this? ski with a buddy. get a knee brace. rehab in time for next year. never stop doing what gives you joy.

*please note i realise this wasn't actually a tragedy, but i have a penchant for being dramatic. it's just who i am.

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