Monday, 20 June 2011


the phrase - it's like riding a bike - it always strikes a little bit of fear in me. and when i've not sat on a bike for a while, i always wonder, is it true? will i just remember? 

i recently bought a new for me bicycle from a friend. but this wasn't any old bike, this is a road cycle, a *real* bike. with drop handles and gears in the brakes (i didn't even know that's how they were made!) le boy, is a keen cyclist. he's so keen, he's a spin instructor. i'm the kid who rode my bike everyday of the summer, and who rode in uni because i didn't have a car. since then i've ridden here or there, but most often as part of tour of a foreign city. or if i'm honest, on a spin bike at the gym. but spin bikes don't topple over and bike tours are generally made for anyone who's ever been on a bike.

le boy was exceedingly patient. i was worried i'd come off and ruin my image of the reasonably fit, up for anything fiance. luckily that didn't happen. he adjusted my seat to just the right height and showed me how to take off the front tire. most importantly he taught me how to use those funny gears in the brakes. and then, he let me loose on richmond park. and it was decidedly FUN!

road cycles sure do go fast! and while i'm not really sure about those drop handles, i did enjoy the gears in the brakes. and feeling like i was going a million miles an hour when it was probably only 20...i may have just found a new sport to enjoy, and le boy is hoping that he's now got a new cycling partner. and while he had to say this, apparently, i'm pretty alright on the bike...which is big praise indeed!

so, yes, it turns out that riding a bike, is just like, well, riding a bike. i just need to get some more comfortable shorts now...

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  1. This looks like so much fun! I used to ride all the time as a child, but now its been ages (probably years?!). Good to know that it came back fairly easily!