Monday, 13 June 2011


home decorating. le boy is wondering what he's gotten himself into i believe! and yet, while i'm sure the rooms will take priority once we're inside and able to think about paint and wall decor, mirrors and bookcases, at the moment, my attention has been diverted to the 'curb appeal.' we're fortunate to have a ground floor flat, with a very traditional london edwardian construction. basically, we have a front bay window with deep windowsills - perfect for windowboxes. i'm imagining lavender. and fuchsia cyclamen. maybe white cyclamen for winter? a bonus of the slightly more temperate british climate is the hope for flowers year-long. when i first moved here and saw flowers being planted in november, i thought it ridiculous, but those flowers lasted all winter! i cannot wait.

i'm also dreaming of this:

portable garden from: not on the high street
 i'm really curious about square foot gardening. and while this is a little pricey (gasp) perhaps a great birthday gift??? (hint, hint) it does take all the guess work out of building/creating.

and while i checked this out of the library years ago, i cannot wait to get a copy for myself...

home decor is about so much more than just the inside right?

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  1. I put a window box of herbs out for the first time this spring, and it makes me amazingly happy to see the little plants growing and thriving! It's so satisfying to pull a few leaves of parsley or basil off before I start dinner in the evening.

    These books look fun! Maybe they'll inspire me to be even more ambitious next year.