Monday, 6 June 2011

sailing along.

a few weekends ago le boy and i were invited to go sailing with some friends. it was to be my first time on a yacht. i was a little worried i'd be a disappointment, spend the entire time eating saltines and hanging over the side of the boat. luckily, that did not happen.

what did happen was a fantastically sunny day with a nice breeze (good for actually sailing). a really fun weekend of spending time with old and new friends. reading magazines, finding extremely cute b&b's, and lying in the sun.

we went to cowes on the isle of wight - yes, there's a place named cowes, the first time i heard it i thought it was one of those british town names that sounds like one thing, but is actually spelled completely differently...nope, just cowes, like the animal, with an e.

we had the most wonderful hosts - and yes, the sea dog, wee hamish, has his own lifevest!

in all, it turns out that i don't get seasick, can spend time below deck making sandwiches without getting sick (apparently noteworthy) and really enjoy sailing - even the rough bits we had on the return trip. it was lovely.

and if you ever need a b&b recommendation for cowes, oakhill was absolutely fabulous!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Taking a sail around the New York harbor is on my summer to-do list. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon!

  2. I agree with Julie, above, but a great way to spend an afternoon. And how nice to name an island for an animal to get so little glory :-) I'm especially happy that you didn't have to lean over the rail :-) God bless you Brie.

    PS – my word verification, by the way, was "heave" – just thought that seemed notable :-)