Wednesday, 8 June 2011

writing straight.

it seems we are in a season of being surrounded by people who are struggling. for me the absolute most incredible thing about jesus is that he desperately desires to enter into our struggles with us. but we have to invite him into that place - he will not come where he is not asked. but if we let him, he can redeem our brokenness.

i've been praying this recently for so many people. it has personally brought me great comfort in moments of deep need.

a prayer in brokenness

o god,
i cannot undo the past,
or make it never have happened!
- neither can you. there are some things
that are not possible even for you
- but not many!

i ask you,
and from the bottom of my heart:
please, god,
would you write straight
with my crooked lines?
out of the serious mistakes of my life
will you make something beautiful for you?

teach me to live at peace with you,
to make peace with others,
even myself.

give me fresh vision. let me
experience your love so deeply
that i am free to
face the future with a steady eye,
and strong in hope.


- celtic daily prayer -