Friday, 1 July 2011

oh canada.

happy canada day! i have such fond memories of this holiday, the true first signal of summer. school had usually let out only days before, and you knew that two months of bliss stretched before you.

childhood memories of canada day include:
  • strawberries and cream at the retirement home down the street, what a great way to include the residents in the community! 
  • the canada day parade that went down the main street of our small ontario town - which we just happened to live on and therefore always had a front row seat! 
  • fireworks at the fairgrounds 
  • parties at our neighbours (notice the canadian spelling?)
  • swimming at the golf club 
  • bbq
i love my homeland. and i miss it. but the sun is shining here in the UK and i'll go past the canada day party on trafalgar square...there are a shocking number of us over in here :)

i leave you with marvellous's favourite 'alternative anthem' and my favourite show produced, rather ironically by this american life...all about canada.

happy canada day!

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