Friday, 15 July 2011

things i am liking.

diy wedding tutorials online.

water bottle wrappers
fan programmes
centrepiece ideas

international shipping from key retailers.

williams-sonoma (warms my kitchen-loving heart)
banana republic/gap etc (hello sale, how are you?)
shutterfly (you make gifts oh so easy!)

reading excellent books.

the glass palace : amitav ghosh ( three generations of incredibleness set in east asia in the first half of the 20th century)

any human heart : william boyd (the diaries of a man from childhood until death, so alive to me that i'm still wondering about him)

planning projects for my post-knee surgery recovery (note they are all possible to do sitting down).

pull through wrap
mirrored candle holders 

nai-nai dishcloths (these are by far my favourite, in fact, they may warrant their own post entirely!)

guessing where we are going for honeymoon (this is a complete surprise to me, le boy is taunting me with his knowledge).

martha's vineyard 
luxury carribean resort
savannah, ga 


  1. there are so many great wedding diys out there ... i'm helping my cousin plan hers and it is so much fun!

  2. @christi - it's really something now! it was so much fun to scroll through and get ideas, we did all our invitations and stationery ourselves, i'll post more after the wedding!