Wednesday, 13 July 2011


so i haven't been on here much lately, mainly because my post would consist of me chatting aimlessly about how busy i've been, but not actually able to show you anything for that busy-ness. and alas, i'm working to stay positive, so surely moaning online isn't the best solution?

and so in the spirit of staying positive, i want to tell you about how god has been keeping me humble these last few weeks.

i am a do-er. and a fix-er. and a get-stuff-done-er. and when there's as much going on in your life, as there is in mine, very little of those 'identities' are satisfied. but i'm learning (again) that my identity is not in what i've accomplished at the end of each day, but in how i went about my day. did i take time to meet with my friend who's shortly (tonight!) leaving? did i connect in a marathon skype session with one of my lovelies far away? did i meet with my god and ask him for his will and his way and his priorities?

i've been using some new resources in my prayer life recently and it's been so so so good. i'll keep testing my system before i share but one thing that i've been inspired to do is list my gratitude - my thanks for the day. i take whatever i can to get a line on the page filled. it's good to remember all the blessings he's bestowing on me moment by moment. and i've been using this calendar to pray for my (almost) husband. this has been good to focus my prayers on character attributes and skills that are so important, but often escape my daily recognition.

this morning i had a dream that NOTHING on my pre-wedding list was accomplished. that i decided to take a nap (a nap?) on the afternoon of our wedding and i somehow slept through my hair appointment, and woke with less than 15 minutes to spare before the ceremony. it was slightly panicking, but i woke up and remembered that my maid of honour will be sure to keep me to time, and that we'll get exactly everything accomplished that should be accomplished. this wedding is not about how perfect it looks, it's about the covenant we are entering into. a difficult, but important lesson for this do-er to remember.

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  1. Those pre-wedding dreams are the worst! I had them throughout our engagement. Whatever we just did (reserved the church, altered my dress, ordered flowers) would suddenly fall through on the day of. Luckily, nothing like that happened. And if it had, I doubt I would have noticed anyway.