Thursday, 21 July 2011


i've had the invite for weeks. i've just logged on. bad. idea. we're two weeks out from getting married. i'm dreaming about things i can make.

click here to see my lists so far:

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it's an amazing way to store all sorts of good ideas that you see online but don't really want to bookmark. and it's a great way to share ideas - so now your cool finds, are everyone's cool finds.

things to print: 

things to knit:

things for the kitchen:

good things to know in life:

if you want a pinterest invite, leave me a comment with your email. i'll share this love for sure.


  1. Hi Brie! Can you invite me at my gmail address? Thanks! - Joanne

  2. Hi Brie! I'd love an invite...

    ps CONGRATS married lady!!! Hope the wedding was fabulous. Can't wait to hear about it, and see pics.