Monday, 12 September 2011

hilton head - one.

i thought i'd be realistic and say, this will probably take a few posts. honeymoon was only three weeks ago! it feels like a year, but the last three weeks have been busy and fun and full of the joys (and jobs) of getting back to work and setting up a home.

but three weeks ago we were on hilton head island, sc. and it. was. glorious.

i should probably start from the beginning. when we got engaged we decided that while le boy would probably be involved in much of the planning of the wedding day, he's more of a big picture guy, not so much a tie-ribbons-on-popsicle-sticks kind of guy. i personally, like the ribbons. and while i love planning trips and i love travelling, le boy is equally enamoured and so we decided that honeymoon was his responsibility. and it was a secret. which in retrospect was great because i didn't worry about it for a second but annoying because he could hold it over me and teased me mercilessly.

the day after the wedding we had brunch with family and friends at a local restaurant and then enjoyed opening presents and cards at home with some dear peeps. and then ab^2 (a.b.barton & jose) were oh so kind as to drive us across the border to buffalo, after assuring the border crossing that le boy was just a brit on vacation we hopped on a flight to charleston. arriving late to the land of humidity we collapsed into bed. the next morning we got our rental car and started driving.

we made a stop to the sweetest country store - the pecan pie basically slayed me. i would fly back there right now for another slice.

we arrived at our resort, palmetto dunes, on HHI in the mid afternoon and promptly headed to the nearest beach shack/diner for lunch. the fish tacos actually did. me. in. i am still dreaming about them.

we spent time biking.

admiring wildlife:

and enjoying god's glorious splendor:

i will reveal more of our trip in future posts. but if you need an idea for next summer's vacation, HHI is pretty spectacular. i'm fairly certain we'll return.

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