Monday, 19 September 2011

what's mine is yours. (?)

they tell you when you get married that you are going to share everything. in my head i was cool with the attrition of shampoo that was inevitable, and with the sharing of things - le boy has developed a strong favouring for my macbook (i do believe he's coming over to the dark side), i recognised that it would be essential to discuss decorating ideas and share even the less exciting events like cleaning (although the rubbish is wholly his to handle!). i wasn't prepared for sharing closet space. not because i thought he was without clothes, but mainly because i failed to concieve of just how many dress shirts, casual shirts, dress jeans, casual jeans, work-appropriate trousers and suits a man can own! and let's not get started on the sports gear - we've got an entire storage space filled, half the spare room and two bins in the bedroom dedicated to 'sport stuff!' shall we just say that i've spent countless hours 'pinning' organisational ideas?

le boy was actually great about cleaning out his wardrobe, we've both been ruthless and the local charity shops and our friends nearby have benefitted immensely! but still. combining all the clothes we own into relatively small spaces has been a challenge. when i was unpacking i came across three hangers, all empty, even though they had enormous potential for space-saving.

but they were empty? why i wondered, as i put all my trousers (how british am i?) on the hanger. well i found out rather quickly why...they were slippery! by the end of the week half my trousers (pants for you non-brits) were on the floor. and my section of the closet was looking decidely untidy.

but pinning took me to martha, and martha suggest this:

martha stewart :: stay put pants

add a couple felt pads, originally intended for the legs of your chairs and tables, and no more slip.

so it turns out that this is actually a post about how le boy has learned to share. because i accidently stole 'shared' his hangers. but this is the guy who wasn't using them, (and packed them along to his next house) because his trousers were ending up on the botton of the closet...i say the fixer gets to keep them? plus, my side of closet is looking MUCH more organised these days....

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  1. Oh goodness, I struggle with this, too! Especially when I first moved in with Peter. We had two tiny closets in the whole apartment (and neither had a door for some strange reason!).

    Adding felt to a hanger is brilliant. I would add it to top part, too. My tops and dresses are always slipping off, and I bet this would help tremendously.