Saturday, 24 September 2011

hilton head - two.

and maybe some savannah?

we basically just hung out for the first week of our honeymoon. ok, who am i kidding. we basically just hung out for all of our honeymoon! i finished three books while away. it was incredible. canadians will appreciate the series (is two a series?) by terry fallis. and really anyone who loves politics will be entertained. cutting for stone was so good i ignored my brand-new husband while travelling to finish! and the slap, was a compelling read.

so reading on the beach was a regular activity.

but we did decide to do a day trip. and savannah, ga is only an hour away. so we piled into the car and took ourselves on a mini roadtrip. savannah was gorgeous, but HOT. unfortunately hotter than we were able to handle. i imagine it to be a place that we'd have loved if it was less than 110 F, but sadly, it was not...and we were in the first stages of honeymoon tired - ie the wedding and it's joyful exuberance had finally become joyful tiredness.

however, we did manage a few key things. an ipod walking tour - really rather good and nice because we could go at our own pace.

hat shopping.

isn't he handsome?

ice cream eating.

and of course, paula deen. oh. so. delicious.

we'll go back some day, surely. in the meantime, we highly recommend this beautiful and historic city!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I loved visiting Savannah, and hope to go back one day. Did you enjoy the Lady and Sons? I loved the mac and cheese casserole on their lunch bar!

  2. Aw - I visited Savannah as a teen. It's not too far away from where I live now - in Augusta, GA and I hope to take my family there some day. I just LOVE the areas of cobblestone streets and the huge trees and all the beautiful row houses. :)