Monday, 5 September 2011


saturday morning was one of those wonderfully unexpected free days. i was supposed to be on a cycle trip with le boy and some friends, but when the route was announced we decided that perhaps my acl-less knee may protest a little too much. and so it was a day of 'homing' - making the house, a home.

i did hours of laundry and sorted through my clothes, designating a large bag for the charity shop. i organised and shelved books and dusted and printed off a few cute bit to place around the house. oh how i love online printables! so sweet, so cute, so free!

tucked in a sweet corner of the hallway:

above the laundry 'nook' door:

above our bedroom door (one of our wedding verses - ecc 4:9):

sunday: marvellous and the barton boy arrived for a couple of nights before heading up to land of sheep, kilts and haggis...i spent the morning freezer cooking, while they slept off the vestiges of jetlag. lunched with dear friends and a walk around our neighbourhood park were tops to the weekend.

the final finish - jamie oliver's exceptional roast chicken with lemon and rosemary roast potatoes recipe - oh. my. word. make it, people will think you the best thing ever. you will simply smile and know that it was 'easy-peasy'

happy monday!

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  1. These prints are too cute! I especially love (and can relate to!) the laundry one.

    Aren't Jamie Oliver's recipes the best?! A little bit creative, but still so comforting and easy.